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Modern TV Stands….Not Your Father’s TV Console

Gates Home Furnishings has been serving the home furnishings needs of Medford and southern Oregon for more than 60 years.  During that time there have been many changes in furniture and mattress design and manufacturing.  One thing driving design change is technology and the equipment found in the typical home today.

Televisions and stereo systems have long been a focal point in US living and family rooms.  Your parents may have had a TV that was a piece of furniture by itself!  Stereo systems may have had floor speakers 3 feet tall!  Those parameters truly influenced the way rooms were designed and organized.

Today’s flat screen TVs and the downsizing of stereo components have created flexibility in the way these items can be placed in your home, which in turn has created more options in TV stands and entertainment centers.  The TV can be placed on a stand or hung on a wall.  Speakers are wireless and can be placed anywhere.  So think outside the box when you think about your TV stand needs.  Because the equipment is less bulky, the stand can be sleek.  Think more about matching the décor of the room than just functionality.

Gates Home Furnishings has an extensive selection of TV stands and entertainment centers in addition to living room, bedroom and dining room furniture.  Our trained professionals can help you select the right product to meet your needs.  Come to Gates Home Furnishings for your next living room, family room, bedroom or dining room project.

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