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3 Ways to Plan Ahead When Organizing

Sometimes extra storage boxes aren’t the answer. These three tactics will help you create a plan that will help you spend less time organizing… plus they’ll make decluttering and clean-up a breeze!

1. Make the most of your entryway.

Set aside a place beside the front door where you can store purses, keys, wallets, outgoing mail, umbrellas, and seasonal accessories. Knowing that everything you need for the day is tucked away in one central location will make your mornings far less stressful, and having a place to put them when you come home at night will prevent your belongings from being scattered all over your home.

2. Leave room for more.

When you’re organizing your closets, cabinets, or drawers, leave a little extra room. This will make it easy to find everything you just spent time organizing, and you’ll have some wiggle room in case you find something else that can be stored out of sight. When you plan ahead and leave room to spare, you won’t have to completely reorganize again just to make room for something new!

3. A well placed hook.

Keep belongings off the floor and table tops with hooks in every room! They can be used for coats, hats, and scarves by the front door, jewelry in the bedroom or closet, kitchen utensils, and much more! This is a great solution for small spaces because you can store things vertically where it is easily accessible and doesn’t take up floor space!

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