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Make Your Home Office Feel Like….Home!

More and more people, either entrepreneurs or part of flexible organizations, are working from home. It can lead to increased productivity, improved family care and cost savings for individual and company alike.

At Gates Home Furnishings we recognize this trend and provide many options for home office environments in addition to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. If you will be or have already made this move there are some things you can consider to make your in-home office more comfortable and productive.

Even small homes or apartments can be configured to provide a good office environment. Use partitions like a curtain or moveable wall to create designated work space in a living room, dining room or kitchen. Even closet spaces can be converted if the needs are minimal. Of course, basements and garages can be converted if those spaces are available.

Larger spaces give you more flexibility. You can consider larger and more pieces of office furniture. There also is more room for personal things like artwork, photos, plants and other personal collectibles that make a space feel like home.

Regardless of size, colors are important. Vibrant colors can be stimulating but should be used in moderation. Blues and greens are more calming. Match the color to your personality.  

No matter what you decide, having an in-home office gives you the ultimate flexibility to make changes. Update furnishings, colors and accessories every so often to keep things fresh and new.


Gates Home Furnishings has been serving the Grants Pass, Ashland, Medford and general Rogue Valley area since 1946. We know our customers are passionate about creating and maintaining a comfortable, stylish and safe home, and we are just as passionate about doing all we can to help. Let us help you make your in-home office experience more productive and comfortable.

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