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Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Fall is the perfect time to be pro-active in preparing your home for the winter months. We all know winter is coming but we never know if it will be stormy and severe or calm and mild. However, winter storms caused homeowners more than $30 billion in damage from 1996-2015 so it’s best to be prepared and do all you can to protect your home. Here are a few tips.

Exterior maintenance

  • Be sure to caulk around all windows, doors, soffits and utility lines that enter the home. This prevents damaging leaks and keeps rodents outside.
  • Cracks in your foundation or driveway can lead way to water damage. Repair them with a filler appropriate to the material. If your home has brick siding look for missing and/or loose mortar and repair it.
  • Inspect your roof. Look for loose, missing or damaged shingles. A weak roof system can lead to significant water damage in the home with the onset of heavy spring rain.
  • Keep your home warm by keeping cold air out.  Apply weatherstripping around all exterior doors.

Interior maintenance

  • Inspect your heating system. Make sure it is clean and operating efficiently.
  • Inspect your fireplace flue and chimney. Clean the chimney so it is free of any deposits…those can create a fire hazard under the right conditions.
  • Make sure your fire detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors are fully charged and in working order.

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