Supporting Local During COVID-19

In our 74 year history, we have navigated through many different challenges and came out the other side grateful for two things: Family and our Community. Our families at home, our family at work, and our amazing community have always been encouraging, helpful, and loving in more ways than I can count. Because of everyone’s support over the years Gates has not just become a name in home furnishings, but as a staple in this community. For that we cannot thank you enough!

We feel that always focusing on happiness has led us to innovate and create a business that stands the test of time, and the events surrounding us now are no different. So, please take the time to see what we are changing to make shopping with Gates a great experience in the months to come! Choosing Gates is choosing Local; and we are humbled and thankful for your continued support of us and our community!

New Things We’re Rolling Out:

  • Shop Online Our website is now loaded with all our best sellers, latest styles, and comfy mattresses. All our pricing is available, and we even have special coupon codes for those shopping from home. Deliveries are still available, and we even have in-store personal shoppers who can help you as you browse online.
  • Free Front Door Delivery or Deferred Delivery: We are eliminating our $99 delivery fee for customers who choose to have their furniture delivered to their front door, garage, or simply hold off on delivery until the spread of COVID-19 subsides. All furniture will still be assembled, inspected, and held to our high standards of quality.
  • Donate a Dream Bed. The need is always present, but now more than ever, there are children and families in our community that do not have a bed to sleep on tonight. You can sponsor a bed for someone in need today. This includes a brand new mattress, foundation, and sheets that we will send to local person in need. Click here to learn more and donate.

Things You Could Always Do, But Help More Than Ever Now:

  • Buy a gift card to use at a time when things aren’t so crazy. Available digitally, so they can come right to your inbox. All gift cards are 10% OFF right now. Use the code “giftcard10″ at checkout. Click here to shop gift cards.
  • Use our personal shoppers. We have an amazing staff that know the ins and outs of all our products and can help you over the phone, via text message, or even a FaceTime call! From finding a new recliner, to ordering a houseful of custom furniture, we can help even with a simple phone call! Call or text (541) 476-4627 to get started!

Ways You Can Support Without Spending Money

  • Forward this blog and share our social media posts. We can add lots of new things, but if folks don’t know about them, they won’t help.
  • Review us online if you’ve had a good experience over the years. We’re on Google, Facebook, and others, but you can start here This always helps, especially giving our staff a morale boost is hugely appreciated.

Stay safe everyone, stay home or go for a walk, and make sure you practice cleaning and washing policies as communicated by the CDC. We look forward to being with you all as we work together to get through this struggle, and for years to come!

All my best,

Nick Gates